[OPINION] Why I’m Excited For The DC 2018 Sets

When I first heard about the 2018 DC sets, I couldn’t wait to see pictures. They had interesting builds, highly anticipated minifigures like Reverse Flash and Lobo. And with a steady incline in the quality of lego sets, to say the least the sets sounded promising.

But I, like many, after squinting at the low resolution pictures, was more than disappointed. Same old Batman, Superman, Flash, Wonder Woman, builds that looked silly and lazy, accessories that made no sense and not a single new minifigure with leg printing. If that were in fact the case I would have bought a couple of the minifigures on Bricklink and try to forget these sets ever existed.

However with new higher quality set pictures and information, I’m excited for the 2018 sets. The fact of the matter is that the low resolution pictures simply didn’t do the sets any justice. Heh heh. Get it? Justice.

Exclusive variants

Despite appearances in the low quality pictures, the sets include exclusive variants of Flash and Batman. With the Flash figure having yellow markings on his suit and the only common piece on the Batman being it’s cowl. I like this decision since the old minifigures are starting to be used more frequently in sets and building these figures becomes more of a burden than a joy.

The builds aren’t bad

The builds aren’t quite as hideous as I once thought, they’re nothing to write home about, but not terrible. Lobo’s motorcycle looks pretty cool and Cyborg’s helicopter is sleek and looks like a fun build. However I stick by my previous statement for some of the builds, Killer Frost’s car looks silly but I’m sure that’s completely intentional and I think Lex’s mech (despite its detail) is weak and not as good as the 2012 version.

The prices are reasonable

The sets will be priced at $19.99 for Superman Krypto Team-Up, $29.99 for Speed Force Freeze Pursuit and $39.99 for Lex Luthor Mech Takedown – which isn’t bad considering the amount of minifigures in each.

All things considered, these sets are actually pretty good and I look forward to picking them up when they hit store shelves.


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