The chat is the heart of the Plastic Fist. It’s where we hang out, plan brickfilms and collaborations, share techniques and projects, plan streams and podcasts, give advice … and make injokes. Yes, all the injokes.

Feel free to join us in our random brickfilm endeavors! Please adhere to the chat rules – we try to keep the place clean and acceptable for all people of all ages. No NSFW content, no nasty surprises, and we’ve got a staff of admins ( #the_og) ready to assist at any time.


A few housekeeping items regarding the chat, before we begin. There are different channels for different types of chat.

  • General is the general chat
  • Off-Traffic is our off topic chat
  • Brickfilm Collab Requests is for requesting voice actors, video effects, graphics, etc.
  • Shameless Advertisement is for advertising your channel and/or brickfilms, only available to Gaffer rank and above.
  • Music for sharing whatever song comes to mind (or your playlist)
  • On A Personal Note for when you have a bad day or are in a bad mood and need to vent a little
  • Podcast for podcast updates and scheduling
  • Nostalgia for those nostalgia moments
  • Tell A Story for impromptu script and story writing exercises
  • Ooh Lego for awesome Lego finds
  • Brickfilmer Academy for our upcoming brickfilm tutorial program
  • Gaming Talk for gamers and games
  • Photography for awesome pictures
  • Discussion and Debate for when a conversation becomes a discussion or debate, it gets moved from the other channel to here
  • The Great Whofozl for spamming

And like any chat whatsoever, we have rules to keep things in line.

  1. Absolutely no NFSW content whatsoever, in any form, on any channel. This includes graphic imagery, sexual content of any kind, profanity and vulgar language, etc. We have a zero tolerance rule – any NFSW content posted in any chat will result in an immediate banning and you’ll have to DM an OG to get a chance at getting back in.
  2. Please keep your comments in the right channels.
  3. No spamming unless it’s the Ghost Channel, then you may spam memes and emojis until you drop.
  4. Please advertise your channel only once within Shameless Advertisement. You may then share any brickfilm or Lego related video up to three times within that channel.
  5. Be careful how you use On A Personal Note as it is a public channel.
  6. Be respectful and civil. Religion and politics are okay to talk about but respect and civility is essential. Let’s not be like the rest of the internet.
  7. Don’t be a Josh jerk.



Can I be a moderator?

Moderators start at the Cameraman rank. Prove yourself as someone who can handle the responsibility and wants to make the chat a better place and you’ll rise in the ranks!

I don’t have a Discord account! Can I still join?

We’ve been working very hard to transition to Discord, so we recommend you get yourself a Discord account. There’s actually been a trend in the Lego community of groups switching live chats to Discord – most notably TTV, The BCC Crew, the Our Universe project, and even Bricks in Motion, to name a few. If you want to get more involved in the Lego Community, definitely get a Discord account.

Can I advertise my channel?

Yes, but with a few constraints. First, you must be Gaffer rank or above. You may post a link to your channel only once under Shameless Advertisement. After that, you may link any video of yours up to three times under Shameless Advertisement. Social media may be linked once per new post maximum under Shameless Advertisement. Keep in mind that your presence on the chat is an advertisement in and of itself! If you get a reputation on chat for being annoying or breaking the rules, eventually it’s going to reflect on your channel!

I’m not a brickfilmer, but can I still join?

We’re fairly welcoming, but just be aware you’re gonna be surrounded by Lego fans chatting about random everything from brickfilm techniques to cameras, scripts, voice work, recently bought sets, music, movies, Marvel and DC, etc. Your call on whether or not that’s your type of community.

I wanna join, but I’m not very good at brickfilming. Can I get help?

Absolutely! We’re a wide range of brickfilmers. Some of us have been here for years and some of us have only recently started. If you’re willing to learn and willing to put in the work, chances are someone will take you under their wing and show you the ropes.

Can I share my artwork?

Absolutely, provided it fits our content guidelines. We would prefer you to share Lego or brickfilm based artwork but as long as it doesn’t become a spamfest or a “notice me senpai!” problem, we’re okay with it.

You still haven’t answered my question.

That’s not a question.

Got it? Cool! Now you can join our Discord chat!


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