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Chris started brickfilming with his brother back in 2011 under the GBP banner. His earliest works include "Amset's Nap," "Lego Ninjago Music Video - The Weekend Whip," "Uruk-Hai TV," and "Serpentine Pizza." After a two-year hiatus, Chris returned to the community and rebranded his channel with "Captain Existential," "Jeremiah Jedidiah Joe," and "Ninjago Court Chaos." He is currently developing the "Bob And Randy" series and is planning more community projects with the Plastic Fist. Chris' favorite themes are Adventurers, Ninjago, BIONICLE, and classic Pirates. When he's not brickfilming, he enjoys running, listening to metal, electronics, Japanese language, and writing.


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Goblin animations started Brickfilming in 2014 and has had a youtube channel since February 24th 2015. On the next week, March 3rd 2015, he uploaded his first animation to the channel, Team up. This week long period is now celebrated yearly with an animation uploaded on each day, it is known as goblin week. Since then Goblin Animations has worked on many projects including: Lego Black Manta (His first project using other voice actors in main roles), A Goblin Halloween (Which at the moment has an incoherent continuity) and his current project The Doom Patrol. At this point in time Goblin Animations is starting to wonder why he's referring to himself in the third person and if he will ever be able to stop.

Markus Bricks

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Mark, also known as Markus Bricks, began sharing his Animations under the alias "Stop Motion Bricks", He now has a YouTube, Instagram, and Flickr page about all things lego! He is now working on making his Animations better and better and grow as an Animator! He started animating in 2011, and has been trying to become better with each brickfilm he makes. Some of his earlier work include "Obi-Wan vs. Anakin", "Batman and Robin", "Batman vs. Superman", and "Captain America meets Wonder Woman". When he is not animating, he enjoys listening to imagine dragons and other music, watching movies, and playing with lego.

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