The Arrow List

A random list of random brickfilming ideas we’re compiling on chat! If you want to animate but have simply hit a writer’s block, then this is the place for you to get some inspiration and begin your next project!

If you take an already unlinked idea from this list and use it in a film, let us know and we’ll turn the list item into a link to your video!


  1. Fabric softener apocalypse where the fabric of the universe is at stake.
  2. “I need to get out of here before the people whose minds are filled with ideas come and I get lost in a sea of ideas!”
  3. Sneaking an escape message into someone’s restaurant order.
  4. Two minifigures in the world’s most extreme staring contest.
  5. A pop star releases a song with only one note and the entire world loves it.
  6. A guy tries to sell pretzels, but nobody is convinced to buy anything. One man can’t make up his mind. Will he buy a pretzel? Will he eat the pretzel?
  7. A dystopian world where the only thing to eat is cheese.
  8. “I wouldn’t eat tomatoes if they were the last thing in the world” – tomatoes are the last thing in the world.
  9. “I’d only kiss you if it starts raining frogs!” (starts raining frogs) “How ’bout now?”
  10. Orangutan Jones and the Ark of the Planet of the Apes: Dawn of the Gun Monkeys
  11. Whofozl
  12. The Adventures of Lainie the Triceratops.
  13. It’s raining watermelons.

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